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Jessica Ferguson is a creative, passionate florist who specializes in bringing your vibrant floral vision to life. Whether it's for your wedding, elopement or a special event, I am passionate about making your flowers a work of art. My team and I are dedicated to providing unique and personalized floral designs that will make your event unforgettable.


How it started...

When I got my first job at a flower shop at 15, I had no idea this was where I would end up! Of course, I loved flowers and working with them back then. In 2020, I got the opportunity to do the florals for 2 of my sister's weddings and I absolutely loved it. That is when I truly knew it was what I wanted to do. I realized I could turn something I was so passionate about into a real thing.

The Story

The essence of J.Lea is ... 

My services go so much further than just flower arrangements. I believe in connecting with my clients to truly understand things they like and dislike. I want my clients to trust me and know I will do my best to deliver quality arrangements that they fall in love with. My goal is to take away the stress of wedding planning and create an easy process. 

My favorite things ...

I love being able to connect with my clients and create floral pieces that I know they will love.  One of my favorite parts is wedding day, when I get to deliver the bridal bouquet. It is such a special moment when we get to see the final product of what we have been planning for so long. Being able to put a smile on anyone’s face with something I created is amazing!

What I've learned along the way...

A valuable lesson I have learned since starting my business is the value of my time. Time for myself and time for my business. I have learned how important a work/life balance is and how to properly manage my time. 



Jax Daily Record, Jan. 2023 


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